December Bulletin

  1. Welcome
  2. Where a partnership provides services to a business
  3. Changes to be made to TUPE consultation requirements
  4. Government publishes new laws on holiday pay
  5. Government announces new minimum wage rates
  6. Indirect discrimination by association
  7. Doctor who settled whistleblowing claim
  8. A reminder of the importance of early consultation

November Bulletin

  1. Welcome
  2. Guidance on the use of anonymised statements
  3. Dismissal occurs when it is communicated
  4. The Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill receives Royal Assent
  5. When will the chain of causation be broken
  6. Context is key
  7. Introduction of variable working pattern
  8. Three ways discrimination can occur

October Bulletin

  1. Retained EU Law Bill becomes law
  2. Holiday pay claims no longer restricted
  3. Employment Appeal Tribunal gives guidance
  4. Increase in civil penalties for employers
  5. AI to take minor judicial decisions in the future
  6. The right to participate in a share incentive plan
  7. Tribunal was wrong to rely on its own ideas
  8. NHS Trust was wrong to refuse to make a redundancy payment

September 2023 Bulletin

  1. Recent Employment Appeal Tribunal case
  2. Legislation allowing agency workers to cover for striking workers
  3. Establishing a protected disclosure in whistleblowing claims
  4. Dual employment
  5. Ofsted inspector was unfairly dismissed
  6. Maya Forstater awarded over £100,000
  7. Arts Council England found guilty of harassment
  8. RAF guilty of positive discrimination

July 2023 Bulletin

  1. Employment status and substitution clauses
  2. Religion and belief discrimination
  3. Automatic unfair dismissal – a day 1 risk
  4. Neonatal Leave and Protection
  5. National Minimum Wage
  6. A ‘relevant agreement’ on holiday
  7. Harassment claims
  8. Interim relief

June 2023 Bulletin

  1. Should terms of employment be ignored when looking at employment status?
  2. EU Law to remain on statute books
  3. Different causation tests apply to unfair dismissal and discrimination
  4. Departmental mergers – an obvious redundancy situation?
  5. What should happen where an employer refuses a tribunal order?
  6. Challenging validity of Employment tribunal proceedings due to ACAS certificate
  7. National Minimum Wage and deductions

May 2023 Bulletin

  1. Brexit Changes to Employment Law
  2. Statutory Redundancy Pay
  3. Claims for Unlawful Deductions
  4. Primary Claim Fails
  5. 3rd Party Harassment – Under Threat?
  6. The New Proposed Positive Duty
  7. National Minimum Wage

April 2023 Bulletin

  1. Rate increases
  2. Communicating dismissal in ‘without prejudice’ correspondence
  3. How to judge whether misconduct ‘arises from a disability’
  4. Is there really a risk that TUPE might be sailing off into the ‘sunset’?
  5. A sensible limit on implied terms
  6. Less favourable treatment of part-time workers
  7. Mitigation of Loss in Unfair Dismissal cases

March 2023 Bulletin

  1. Extra Day Off for the King’s Coronation?
  2. Menopause
  3. Employees Behaving Badly (in employment tribunals)
  4. Managing a Remote Team: Top Tips for Employers
  5. Toilet Trouble
  6. Consultation on Fire and Rehire
  7. Employment Tribunal Delays

February 2023 Bulletin

  1. Double jeopardy and unfair dismissal
  2. Marriage discrimination
  3. Privacy – WhatsApp messages in tribunal
  4. Disability discrimination
  5. Knowledge of disability
  6. Consultation on holiday entitlement for part-year/irregular hours workers
  7. Compensation – discrimination