May 2020 bulletin

  1. Should you ask for volunteers?
  2. The pool for selection
  3. Selection criteria
  4. Consultation
  5. Applying the criteria
  6. Pregnancy and family leave
  7. Alternative work

April 2020 bulletin

  • What is the Government’s ‘Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme’ and when does it come into effect?
  • If an employee does not have the virus but is living with someone who does, should they be signed off sick?
  • What evidence can I ask for that an employee is genuinely ill or required to self-isolate?
  • Can an employee refuse to come to work for fear of contracting the virus?
  • If I am required to close my premises, am I still obliged to pay employees?
  • What does furlough mean and how is it different from being laid off?
  • Which employees are covered by the scheme?
  • Does the scheme apply to zero-hours contracts?
  • Can we choose which employees to place on furlough and which to ask to come into work?
  • What wages will it cover? How will pay be calculated?
  • Does it only apply if we don’t pay the wages – or will be able to recover wages that we have already paid?
  • Can I bring back employees who have already been made redundant?
  • Do I have to place all of my employees on furlough, or can I be selective?
  • Can we change which employees are furloughed at any one time – can an employee be furloughed, brought back to work and then furloughed again?
  • The furlough scheme does not pay all of an employee’s salary – do I have to top up their pay to the full amount?
  • Can I instruct employees to take annual leave if I cannot offer them work?
  • Can I instruct employees to take annual leave while they are on furlough?
  • What about if they are off sick or self-isolating?
  • How do I stop too many employees taking what is left of their annual leave later in the year?
  • Can employees be furloughed during their notice period?

March 2020 bulletin

  • Coronavirus
  • Written Particulars of Employment
  • Indirect discrimination
  • Unfair dismissal – knowledge of employer
  • Whistleblowing
  • Age discrimination – compulsory retirement
  • IR35

February 2020 bulletin

  • Parental bereavement leave
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Indirect discrimination
  • Unfair dismissal – suspension
  • Harassment
  • National minimum wage

January 2020 bulletin

  • TUPE Transfers and ‘Workers’
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Worker status
  • Philosophical belief discrimination
  • Sex discrimination
  • Whistleblowing

November 2019 bulletin

  • Protected conversations
  • Race discrimination
  • New ACAS guidance on menopause
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Religious discrimination
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Philosophical belief discrimination

October 2019 bulletin

  • Working time
  • Injury to feelings
  • Gig economy
  • Redundancy pay
  • Vegetarianism and Philosophical belief
  • Disability discrimination

September 2019 bulletin

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Discrimination
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Religious discrimination
  • ACAS annual report
  • Agency workers

July 2019 bulletin

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) in discrimination cases
  • Disability discrimination – perceived disability
  • Whistleblowing
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Age discrimination
  • Discrimination – compensation

June 2019 bulletin

  • Parental leave
  • Injury to feelings
  • Unfair dismissal
  • Discrimination arising from disability
  • Working time
  • Disability Discrimination