April 2017 bulletin

  • Headscarf Ban Wasn’t Direct Discrimination
  • Headscarf Decision #2
  • The End of the Pipeline for British Gas
  • Long-Term Absence Dismissal
  • Principal Purpose for TUPE
  • When Notice of Termination Takes Effect

March 2017 bulletin

  • All Set for April’s Rates Rises?
  • Time Off for Religious Festivals
  • Are You Levy-Ready?
  • ‘Self-Employed’ Plumber Was a Worker
  • Reduced Workload Was a Reasonable Adjustment
  • Guide to Gender Pay Gap Reporting
  • Banning the Booze

February 2017 bulletin

  • Diabetes as A Disability
  • Mobility Clauses and Redundancy
  • When Switching Off Is a Good Thing
  • Expired Warnings Taken into Account
  • Get on Board with Reasonable Adjustments
  • Dismissal For Gross Negligence

January 2017 bulletin

  • Employer Liability for Assault
  • Give Workers a Break
  • Stress and Disability Distinguished
  • Inappropriate Warning Led to Unfair Dismissal
  • Identifying the Legal Breach
  • The Case of the ‘Gay Cake’

December 2016 bulletin

  • Holiday Pay – The Basics
  • Legal Developments
  • Applying this in Practice
  • Here are some Pointers
  • Claims

November 2016 bulletin

  • West Oxfordshire Business Awards
  • Employment Status
  • Discrimination Against Breastfeeding Mothers
  • Sex Discrimination in the SPL Context
  • Justification in Discrimination Cases
  • Dismissal had to be Communicated
  • Validity of Settlement Agreement
  • Jobs Requiring Particular Attributes

October 2016 bulletin

  • Maintaining higher pay could be a reasonable adjustment
  • New Minimum Wage rates
  • Acas certificate could cover future claims
  • Unfair dismissal for ‘inept and crass’ tweet
  • Inquiry into Corporate Governance
  • The importance of being client

September 2016 bulletin

  • Free breakfast seminar: Performance management – an alternative approach?
  • A different take on the headscarf issue Bougnaoui v Micropole SA
  • Dismissal where true facts not known Royal Mail Group v Jhuti
  • New levy on apprenticeships
  • The role of others in an investigation report Dronsfield v University of Reading
  • The job applicant who didn’t want the job Kratzer v R + V Allgemeine Versicherung AG
  • Sexual harassment still an issue
  • Business serves up some talking points

August 2016 bulletin

  • Negotiating a Settlement Agreement
  • What are settlement agreements?
  • Rules around settlement agreements
  • Things to think about before approaching the employee
  • Without prejudice and protected conversations
  • Dealing with settlement negotiations
  • Preparing the Settlement Agreement
  • Breach of the settlement agreement

July 2016 bulletin

  • Acas Code doesn’t apply to ill health
  • Immigration status and nationality distinguished
  • Immigration provisions come into force
  • Prosecuted for taking personal information
  • Victory for victims in modern slavery case
  • Crackdown on legal highs