October 2017 bulletin

  • Monitoring communications
  • Half the pay for half the work?
  • Transfers of undertakings overseas
  • Race discrimination
  • More protection for pregnant workers?
  • Location, location, location

September 2017 bulletin

  • Employee jailed for breaching injunction
  • Private interests covered by whistleblowing
  • Fees no more
  • Is voluntary overtime part of ‘normal pay’?
  • Menopause at work
  • When is treatment unfavourable?

August 2017 bulletin

  • Advertising
  • Application Forms
  • Shortlisting
  • Interviews
  • The job offer
  • Other things to think about

July 2017 bulletin

  • Disability-related absence didn’t cause redundancy
  • Failure to call appeal officer wasn’t fatal
  • Conduct and culpability
  • Share sale didn’t trigger TUPE
  • Employees’ duty to reveal intention to compete
  • Expectations relevant to covenant enforceability

June 2017 bulletin

  • Psychometric Testing was Discriminatory
  • Are ‘On-Call’ Workers Working?
  • Employers’ Role in Suicide Prevention
  • Employer’s Hefty Bill For Pensions Failures
  • Protected Disclosure Test is Objective
  • Restriction on Holiday Pay Claims Reinforced

May 2017 bulletin

  • Damages for Redundant Apprentice
  • Uber Drives Forward on its Legal Challenge
  • The Right to be Accompanied
  • Proving Indirect Discrimination
  • Caste in Stone?
  • SOSR Dismissal Where Doubts About Employee’s Identity

April 2017 bulletin

  • Headscarf Ban Wasn’t Direct Discrimination
  • Headscarf Decision #2
  • The End of the Pipeline for British Gas
  • Long-Term Absence Dismissal
  • Principal Purpose for TUPE
  • When Notice of Termination Takes Effect

March 2017 bulletin

  • All Set for April’s Rates Rises?
  • Time Off for Religious Festivals
  • Are You Levy-Ready?
  • ‘Self-Employed’ Plumber Was a Worker
  • Reduced Workload Was a Reasonable Adjustment
  • Guide to Gender Pay Gap Reporting
  • Banning the Booze

February 2017 bulletin

  • Diabetes as A Disability
  • Mobility Clauses and Redundancy
  • When Switching Off Is a Good Thing
  • Expired Warnings Taken into Account
  • Get on Board with Reasonable Adjustments
  • Dismissal For Gross Negligence

January 2017 bulletin

  • Employer Liability for Assault
  • Give Workers a Break
  • Stress and Disability Distinguished
  • Inappropriate Warning Led to Unfair Dismissal
  • Identifying the Legal Breach
  • The Case of the ‘Gay Cake’